Southeast of St. James on Highway 8.
A long story on how I arrived there, but glad I did.
First bird I heard and saw was a male Scarlet Tanager.  Song was repeated consistently and ALWAYS followed by the call.  That was about 20 yards into the trail.
Other birds of note:
Summer Tanager-male and female.  Saw(heard), female calling.**
Grasshopper sparrow- quite vociferous.
Blue-winged warbler*
Yellow-billed Cuckoo*
American Redstart*
Indigo Bunting*
American Goldfinch
Y-B chat
Red-tailed Hawk-flew out from a hide-out-then started soaring.
*had fledglings w/them
**Summer Tanager-replaced the Scarlet as I headed back to my car.  Scarlet was heard in the distance.  Song and call persisted.
A lot of butterflies out!  Mostly basking on the gravel trail.
Bryan Prather
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St. Louis,Co.

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