Spent a quick two hours at Eagle Bluffs last evening.  The largest
concentration of shorebirds (300+) were in the pool at the Junction Box
structure, in the section of water closest to the river (not the side
closest to the road).  This is the area that locals refer to as near "first
disabled blind".  Unfortunately, because we have had so much rain, the
vegetation is very lush/tall, and it is difficult to find a spot where you
can see out onto the mudflats.  At the Junction Box, there is a cut-through
down to the gate that allows viewing; and about halfway down the two-track
there is another spot where the vegetation is lying flat, giving closer
views.  Did not make it back to the blind so don't know what the visibility
is at that location.  Standing in the back of a pick-up truck would be
ideal!   I could pick out some pecs, least, lesser yellowlegs, spotted, and
lots of Killdeer.  The rest were just out of range for my optics.

Small pockets of shorebirds were scattered through the distribution channel;
not much in Pool 15, and Pool 2 does not have mudflats yet.  Did not
re-locate the Avocets or cranes.

Hummingbird activity has greatly increased at house during the last two
weeks.  I have seen four at one time (after seeing only one this spring, and
none in June) - but suspect more by the frequent need to re-fill.  

Jean Leonatti
Boone County
Columbia, MO
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