I had to laugh!  Yes, shorebirds act differently than yard birds, and  
that fact led me to a rather difficult afternoon a couple years ago.

A west coast couple was visiting friends in Columbia in early July.   
I was asked to take them birding.  They said shorebirds were their  
favorites and that they wanted to see eastern birds, but they could  
only go birding in the afternoon.

I figured that if they were into shorebirds they weren't beginning  

It was HOT!  I took them to Rock Bridge Mem. SP, one of my favorite  
haunts.  It was one of the most difficult birding outings I've ever  
had.  We saw a total of 7 species.

The first bird we found was a male Red-bellied Woodpecker.  He  
responded to the tape, came to a branch 15 feet over our heads and  
was so irate he raised a crest I didn't know he had!  He stayed on  
that limb, calling and scolding us for more than 3 minutes.  But  
throughout that time (remember 15 feet above us and 3 minutes) the  
wife could not get him in her binocular view!

We went on.  Oh, was it quiet.  No birds sang.  It was siesta time.   
They asked, "Where do you go when you want to see birds?"
"Uhhh, here," I replied, "but morning is better, when it's cooler."

Real silence, now.  They were really suffering in the midwest heat/ 

I said, "[host] told me shorebirds are your favorites.  I suppose you  
get to see quite a few, living on the west coast."

"Yes," she replied, "we like them best because they stand still and  
there are no trees for them to hide in."

On Jul 26, 2009, at 4:56 PM, peter keyel wrote:

> but shorebirds act a bit differently then yard birds,

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