I have some photos of the bird's backside which to me, showed an olive-green
presence.  According to Peterson's field guide, this supports Cassins?
Additionally, we also saw one of three that had yellow on the belly and the
breast.  I will try to go back today or tomorrow to take notes.  I'll also
post a couple of more pictures this evening.

This is the first time I've had to "document" a bird.  Perhaps someone could
give me some pointers?  Especially since we seem to be going back on forth
on people seeing Western and only four of us seeing a kingbird sp.?  Is
anyone else planning on going out to see the bird?

Christine Kline, 
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Amidst swirling kingbird rumors, I once again hit the highway.  Yesterday I
saw and photographed a Western Kingbird at the location.  Christine's photos
have prompted ID suggestions of Cassin's and Tropical Kingbird.  This
morning's report was that three Tropical Kingbirds were present.  Sounded
like birds I would like to see!

I pulled in the circle drive (as previously described) in Raymore around
11:00 a.m. today right behind the arriving Matt Gearheart.  To our right and
to our left, both in little trees, were two Western Kingbirds.  We didn't
see any others while we were there.  Karen Stair was also there and hadn't
seen any kingbirds other than Western.  If there is a rare kingbird at this
location, I can't seem to find it!  I played songs yesterday and the bird
reacted to the Western recording.  Today, I had no reaction to Western,
Cassin's, Couch's, or Tropical.  Perhaps this bird had already heard enough.

I have photos of the kingbirds from yesterday and today on my website at
(the Kingbird link is on the top line of the menu also):

I will reiterate what others have said that careful observation and
meticulous field notes are always important in documenting rare birds.
Photos are great, but "not all pixels are created equal".  I won't go into
that since there is plenty of information online about pixel and sensor size
and camera processor ability.  Lack of certain features in photographs
doesn't always translate to lack of features in real life.

I missed the Tropical Kingbird in 2004 so would love to see one.  I have
certainly spent a lot of time in the last 24 hours studying and learning
about kingbirds which is always a good thing!

Good Birding,
Linda Williams
Liberty, Clay County, MO
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