Dear MOBirds-L Subscribers:


Some of you noted that your posts to MOBirds-L were delayed in their
appearance on the list. This happened on Sunday July 5 and (I think)
Tuesday July 7. Both times, some of the LISTSERV (the University of MO
owned software on which MOBirds-L runs) processes stopped, along with
the anti-virus programs. The MU information technology folks are not
sure if it was LISTSERV killing the antivirus, or the other way around.


Research and logs didn't show much, but there were newer antivirus
programs available. MU's IT employees put those in place on the morning
of Sunday July 12. The IT staff tell me they will keep a weather eye on
the situation for the next week or so.


We have so few problems with the running of the MOBirds-L list that I
think we're all very surprised when something untoward does occur.
Fingers crossed that this solves the problem. And of course, our thanks
to MU and the Audubon Society of Missouri for providing this service to


Good birding, Susan


Susan Hazelwood

MOBirds-L List Co-Owner

Columbia, Boone County, MO

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