Just a few notes on birds this summer.  I have been kept occupied by the 
health of my mother since early June and have not been doing much birding 
during that time. It was touch and go for a while but she rallying somewhat 
after an arduous cycle of chemotherapy.

I often see a pair of ECDO at the feeders outside Mom's window at Grandview 
Health Care Center which is near Lion's Lake in the city park in Washington, 
Mo.  She enjoys watching the hummingbirds, house finches and the mallard 
ducks that clean up around all the feeders the residents have out.

For those that might be interested a western kingbird is hanging out around 
the Ameren UE substation just south of Dutzow, Mo. Jim Jackson first noticed 
it several weeks ago and I have seen it there a couple of times.

I was able to do the breeding bird survey point count at Shaw Nature Reserve 
in early June and the bird activity was remarkable.  The number of Blue 
Grosbeaks and Northern Bobwhite were noteworthy.  Although they did not 
present themselves during the count, Eastern Meadowlarks were observed 
nesting for the first time in memory in the Pinetum area of the reserve. 
The staff is considering management techniques that might encourage them to 

For those interested, I was able this past week to get some essential mowing 
done at the Voelkerding Slough Wetland Reserve and will be monitoring the 
area for whatever might turn up there.  This year is the wet cycle in the 
management plan for the reserve and Mother Nature has accommodated.  There 
is good habitat there now and it should persist for the next month or so.
Don Hays
Donald R. Hays
Union, Franklin County, Missouri

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