Gary Johnson and I took a spin around Smithville Lake, then did the St. Joseph Oxbows today.

Although we were early enough to avoid the boaters and swimmers, we did not get any tern or shore bird at Smithville.

While we were trying to figure out where to play the tape for Least Bittern by the abundant cattails at the west end of L. Contrary, we saw one fly across the lake.

We played the tape for Common Moorhen at Horseshoe Lake and got such a vigorous and sustained response that we were able to locate and see the bird standing on a water lily in a patch of water lilies in the middle of the lake. We saw only one P B Grebe on the nest, but the lake was swarming with swimming juveniles -- at least 10-12, maybe more.

We noted a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Bean Lake on the way home - a species I did not have when I atlased that area in 1987.

Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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