While searching the web, I found a reference to the "Registers of Birth, Copulation, and Death", used to record the mid-18th century census in Mecklenburg, Germany. I didn't realize that those particular words were used, in that order, for the title of the registers of birth, marriage, and death for a census. 
I thought the list be interested to learn of the reference.

-- Tom --

Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

19th Century Censuses of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

"Starting from the mid-18th century (1757), regular sectional registrations of Mecklenburg Schwerin´s population were taken for the purpose of tax collection. The Duke of Mecklenburg ordered rural Pastors to compile registers of all parishioners eligible to pay taxes (Verzeichnisse der steuerpflichtigen eingepfarrten) and to update them regularly. However, the pastors must not have taken due care to maintain them as the corresponding edict was issued anew and a year later the pastors were ordered to submit the registers promptly and without delay. 

From 1766 onwards, registers of birth, marriage, and death (the so-called Adventslisten) were kept and regularly updated in content; this time the initiative was not motivated by the purpose of tax collection. "All preachers in town and rural areas" were instructed to keep gender-specific annual and complete registers of "how many persons […] were born every year or copulated or died."  (Vo v.14.10.1776.In: Handbuch der im Großherzogtum Mecklenburg-Schwerin geltenden Kirchengesetze von den frühesten Zeiten bis Ende 1837, Wismar 1839, p. 708 ff). Starting in 1780, the results were published annually in the Mecklenburg-Schwerinischen Staatskalendar (an annual of statistics).  The Registers of Birth, Copulation, and Death, regularly updated, were named after their submission dates: the Adventslisten, the Michaelislisten (September, 19), and from 1804 onwards the Martinslisten (November, 11). In 1799, they were extended to include all parishioners over the age of 5. Only from 1818 onwards were younger parishioners included."

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