2 CFPs for ASECS Annual Mtg: "Up & Away" & "Follow the Mon


"Up, Up and Away: First to Fly, Way Up in the Sky" Robert B. Craig, 51
Hedge Row Road, Princeton NJ 08540; Tel: (609) 452-8474; E-mail:
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In the late eighteenth century, Balloonomania was sweeping the continent
of Europe and the rage of all Parisians. Animals first, men second, and
women later, all experienced escaping from the earth's surface to "fly
like a bird." Was this to be a temporary phenomenon or the means for
further exploration into space for both the benefit and detriment of
man? This panel seeks to explore the many interesting facets of "hot air
ballooning" in the eighteenth Century from historical, literary, and
scientific perspectives.


"Follow the Money: Scams, Schemes, Scandals, and Scoundrels in the
Eighteenth Century" Charlotte M. Craig, 51 Hedge Row Road, Princeton, NJ
08540; Tel: (609) 452-8474; Fax: (609) 452-8478; E-mail: [log in to unmask]
There is probably no time or place on earth which might be considered
immune to the above categories of malfeasance. "To follow the money" is
by itself not reprehensible if conducted in the spirit of fair
competition as an exercise in the progress of getting ahead
professionally, a promotion received in acknowledgement of one's skill
or legitimate contribution made to a socially acceptable activity, but
not at the expense of another party by inflicting physical, mental,
economic, or other harm to targeted individuals or groups. Scams,
schemes and related forms of malice are performed by evil-doers on
various levels of sophistication, in total disregard of the consequences
to others, and bent on personal profit. Such acts may demand
considerable speculation and skill, perhaps old schemes in new
variations. Since the risk of such operations, be they performed singly
or in collaboration with an accomplice, require a thorough knowledge of
the "territory."

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