Lost Valley Trail-Weldon Spring 10am-2pm
Birds to add from Saturday:
Northern Waterthrush-call w/tail bobbing
Oven Bird-2 one calling,1 gave the song. Both had their crest's up. 
Summer Tanager-male
Belted Kingfisher
Worm eating warblers still active-about 50' or so before the first mile marker on the left hand side. 3-5, good views, very chatty.
Orchard Oriole family-past mile marker 1.  Right hand side amongst the swampy area.  Heard chatter from the male and great songs from inside a thickett.  Female?
Red-headed woodpecker pair confirmed.
Eastern Bluebird pair.  Both species shared an area that was swampy w/ 5 or so dead trees sticking up from the shallow water.  Female Bluebird entered a natural cavity.
Y-B Chat-still very vocal.  Great mimic of Blue Jay and Robin distress call, in between whistles and barks.
Came across a group of 5 Titmouse.  I started "pishing" at them.   They became quite curious and came close to me.  They flew to the other side of the trail.  I "pished" some more and noticed a small nervous bird joining them.  It was a Cerulean Warbler!  About knee high in a thicket.  Great view, although it didn"t stay long.  My highlight of the day.
Bryan Prather
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