Larry Lade and I did some bird survey routes in the Clinton to Taberville area the last couple days. We also did some other birding while down there. We searched unsuccessfully for the Praire Warbler Bob Fisher reported earlier along hwy PP in Henry Co. When some rain showers moved in we went back to the Army Corps campground area to eat our lunch in the Vehicle. Larry spotted a bird on the utilty wire across the road as we were leaving. It was a male Painted Bunting! We watched it as it sang for quite some time. It moved a couple times but came back to the same place to continue singing -- right across from the Windsor Crossing Park sign. Good variety of other birds at the entrance to the park became very active and vocal just as the rain was ending including YB Chat, Bell's Vireo, Cedar Waxwing, Northern Parula, Orchard Orioles, etc.  Watched the Orioles going to a nest right above a campsite. Birding is so often all about timing!
 We found a Mississippi Kite at Poague CA off Hwy 7 NW of Clinton. Edge Wade was right about thinking they were going to stick around there. We also saw one along hwy B 3.5 miles East of Rich Hill in Bates Co. Lots of flood water still in that area as there was at Schell-Osage CA when we drove through there earlier. Not much seen there - very high water with some roads impassable. We did not make it down to Four Rivers CA this time but imagine very high water there too.
  Had a flock of 25 Cattle Egrets along one of the routes, and a few more along the way. We had about the expected number of Grasshopper Sparrows but did not hear any Henslow's Sparrows? Some places where had heard them in previous have been burned, but still expected to find some? Maybe they chose not to sing like the ones in Livingston Co. when Bob Fisher and the guys were searching for them?
 Good number of Scissortail Flycatchers seen around the areas, and several Upland Sandpipers. Larry may want to add things my tired head is forgetting?
 Steve Kinder
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