Hi MOBirders,

While stopping by to check on the "Highway N STFC Nest Tree" last night,
I observed a beautifully woven Orchard Oriole Nest hanging from a branch
that is lower than the STFC nest and slightly back to the east of the STFC

Both Orchard Oriole parents were feeding the babies.

Additionally, there has been a pair of Blue Grosbeaks also hanging
around the same tree.

I'm beginning to wonder why this particular tree has become
so popular, especially because of its proximity to busy Henke Rd?

Altho', there are lots of fields that must have a wide selection
of tasty bugs. I also observed a male Goldfinch plucking thistle
down for a nest.

I have photos of all this activity and will post ASAP.

John Hitzeman
Troy, MO
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