Dear Friends,
      It's been awhile since I've had the chance to download pics from my camera, so here are a few interesting shots from the last six weeks or so.  These are taken by digiscope.   If you have trouble downloading, or if you wish to see some other recent photos, go to and click on New Photos, and scroll down to most recent.  Enjoy.
Here's a cooperative Scarlet Tanager from Rock Bridge State Park, Columbia:
A couple photogenic Barn Swallows:
An ambitious and hungry Great Blue Heron.  I have many more photos of the 30-minute process of eating this huge fish, and may post some later.
Another GB Heron in good light:
A hungry Turkey Vulture:  (Warning: a bit graphic!)
A Black-Crowned Night Heron:
A mommy Wood Duck, with little ones nearby:
A tragic, but not unexpected, raid on a nest at EBCA:
A scruffy or diseased Tree Swallow:
A well-posed Dickcissel:
My favorites, the Cuckoos.  I've been privileged to see three Black-Billed's this season at Rock Bridge SP and Eagle Bluffs, but have gotten no good photos. However, here are some Yellow-Billed cousins:
I'm hoping these are Baird's.  Can you help me out with these?  Thanks in advance.
How about a Dunlin?
Finally, the cuteness award goes to the twins:
Enjoy, and good birding
Robert Schnase
Columbia, MO
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