The note below just came in from Sarah Miller, the biologist at RMBS who is overseeing the Least Tern project.   Evidently there are two barges hitched together and the terns are on the one closest to Ellis Island.   The barge and the birds are easily viewed from Riverlands Way just opposite Heron Pond or from the old bathroom area parking lot.   If anyone wants to see the pictures of the nest and eggs that Sarah has please contact me off-MOBirds and I will forward them to you.   Al Smith also has some great pictures of the birds on the barge with lots of the decoys around.   Go to  to see Al’s photos.   The solar cell array is to supply power to the sound system which is broadcasting Least Tern calls and probably helped immeasurably in attracting these birds.   With all the mud flats around it is amazing that these birds chose the barge where they will not be inundated, as has happened in the past, when Ellis Bay is brought up to summer pool in the first week of July

John Solodar
University City
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    We went out by boat this morning to confirm if there was a nest on
the barges.  There is in fact one nest with three eggs.  I have attached a
pdf file with a couple of picture of the nest and eggs.  The nest is on the
barge closest to Ellis Island, pretty much in the center of the barge.  We
will keep you informed as you continue to monitor the barges from shore and
please let us know if you see anything interesting as well.  
    <<Least Tern Eggs 6-19-09.pdf>>
    As always please feel free to contact me anytime.
    Sarah Miller
    US Army Corps of Engineers
    Rivers Project Office
    301 Riverlands Way
    West Alton, MO 63386
    888.899.2602 (toll free)
    636.899.0078 (direct line)
    636.899.2655 (fax)
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