This will be in two parts. Monday afternoon, and Tuesday(today) mid-morning and afternoon.
Part one:
Went to Greensfelder in the afternoon on Mon. just to see who was out after the first batch of storms.  I saw a male Baltimore Oriole in a snag very high in a tree.  Usually it would have been a hi and bye thing-not this time!  The Oriole(he), flew closer to me and landed on top of another snag.  Then,(like a trap-eeze artist), flew from there to a thicket and back several times.  He was then making his presence quite known.  Always on top of thickets, or trees.  Small chatters and an occasional whistle were all that were offered.  His actions were as though he was guarding something.  He continued this for at least 2 hours. 
Part Two:
I went back this morning.  Heavy rain was discouraging at first.  I saw him at 9:05am for a brief moment.  My hopes were higher.  After the rain subsided, he appeared again in full view.  At 10:50am, he was with a female.  He was chattering a great deal, and did a dance around her.  She flew to the snag where I first saw him on Mon., and they copulated.
I was amazed at what I had been a witness to, and happy that my suspicions were correct.  I then left to go walk the park.  I returned to Greensfelder at about 3pm.  It wasn't long before I saw him again.  She, thus far, has been rather illusive.  He, on many occasions, was capturing insects and chattering or giving a single whistle call with the bugs in his beak.  I didn't see him feed her, but that is what I thought.  At 4:15pm, she flew to a thicket in front of me, and he was close behind.  He was chattering a lot.  They copulated again.  After about a half hour, he started incorporating songs with his presence.  A 4 note song at first, high in a tree- out in the open.  The last time I saw him was in the tree of the first encounter.  A beautiful, longer song was shared.  That was at 4:30pm.
Birds of note in between watching the Orioles-Tuesday 11am-2:30pm
Northern Parula
Summer Tanager-male and female, both calling
Y-B Cuckoos- really calling and great views
Wood thrush feeding a fledgling
A lot of birds out today
Bryan Prather
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