I was out before 7a.m. at the pond North of town looking for the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks. I could not see them anywhere, in fact until just before I left could not see the flock of Canada Geese that are there. Lots of tall grass all around the pond for things to hide in.
  I went back out at 9 thinking with the weather we are having [ 3+ inches of rain last couple days] they probably didn't go anywhere.This time they were visible hunched down in the grass on the North side of the pond.One did finally lift it's head up and look around.They have been seen at different times on 3 sides of the pond now, but can easily be out of sight.
 I took a different route back to town and was on rd 228 when i saw a Eurasion-collared Dove. these are still fairly unusual to see outside of town. I watched it fly to a large electric substation at the corner of 228 & 247. There were two Western Kingbirds on the tall pole where it flew to. Later I saw 3 adult WEKI sitting together on the fence, and then watched one fly up to and on a nest. Not sure what is going on there?  Some other birds seen around the substation;
  American Kestral -pair
 Red-headed Woodpecker
Northern Flicker
Eastern Kingbird
 Eastern Meadowlark
 Morning Dove
 American Robin
 Barn Swallow
 Bobwhite - heard
 and of course a colony of Common Grackles
Steve Kinder
 Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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