Herculaneum,(Jefferson County),Mo. 7:45ish(pm)
I was in the backyard of a home finishing up a native plant garden, when I heard this unique sound in the sky.   The home owner described it as a "nasally" duck call.  The call was the "beent" call of the American Woodcock!  As we watched it,(in the near distance), it ascended, then dropped about half the distance toward the ground, only to fly up again, and finally descended.  It continued w/the beent call for another 10 minutes.  Whether it was on the ground or in the air at that point, I don't know  I have personal experience w/them.  They often come into the Wild Bird Rehabilitation(in Overland,Mo),  in late March.  Usually, they have crashed into a window. 
I rarely talk about the birds in Herculaneum, but I will say they have a healthy population of Chimney Swifts.  BTW, a perfect rainbow capped off the evening.
Bryan Prather
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St. Louis, County

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