The black-bellied whistling duck was still present at 8 a.m. this morning off Sand Prairie Lane near Horseshoe Lake, Madison County, Ill. It was standing in the grasses of the floodle about 1/3 of the way from the road between the road and the willows. It didn't seem to mind the thunderstorm. Can ducks be electrocuted by lighting?


Here's some other recent St. Louis area bird info (that I haven't heard anyone else report):

- There is now at least one Western kingbird hanging out on the road to the boat ramp at the Weldon Spring Katy Trail "former painted bunting" access off Highway 94 in St. Charles County.

- There are Eurasian collared doves at the grain store at the intersection of Route 141 and Marshall Road in Valley Park, St. Louis County.

- Chouteau Island (Illinois, access from Route 3 just south of Interstate 270 when crossing the Mississippi River from North St. Louis County) is an underbirded site and worth checking out (if you don't mind taking the driving easy to avoid damaging your shocks on the multiple potholes. You will get a lot of dust all over your car). A floodle on the north end of the island has a group of about 12 cattle egret. The drive south past the former landfill is good for blue grosbeak, dickcissel, Bell's vireo, orchard oriole and Baltimore oriole, yellow warbler, warbling vireo, yellow-breasted chat and indigo bunting. It's one of my most reliable sites for bobolink in migration. The habitat looks perfect for painted bunting, but I have yet to find one. It's also a good location for butterflies of various species, snakes, turtles and frogs.

Shawn Clubb 
Collinsville, Madison Co., Ill. 
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