Back in the good old US of A after a hiatus...

I did some surveys on Little Lost Creek CA in Warren County this week from June 9-11. It was quite interesting to see the ways that habitat management on the area have affected the species composition. The best bird was a HOODED WARBLER (rare in the N, and this is north of the MO river I guess) in the southwest portion of the area (contact me for directions if wanted, it's a little involved). Probably a repeatable bird, as it was definitely behaving like it was on territory.

Other highlights included a good number of Prairie Warblers (probably ten altogether), several Worm-Eating Warblers, and a young-of-the-year Great Horned Owl with a very large unidentified prey item... they learn fast, I guess! Lists from each day are on CACHE.

Phil Wire
St. Louis Co.
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