Albert P.Greensfelder Memorial-Creve Coeur Lake-4-5:15pm
I went to Greensfelder in anticipation of seeing the raptors and vultures use the updrafts of thunderstorms.  I often think of the old Native American legends of the Thunderbirds.  At 4:25, I was startled by the cries of a Red-tailed hawk.  Much to my surprise, the hawk was screaming at an adult Bald Eagle!  The eagle floated over the pavillion, over the lake, toward the Missouri river.  The hawk circled the eagle until it was far enough away for its satisfaction.  I have a positive landmark where the eagle was last scene.  What a thrill!  The hawk returned at 5pm and gave a call, reclaiming its territory, this time with another Red-tail.
Bryan Prather
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St' Louis County

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