While we're at it, let's get some of the common ones out of the way:
N. Cardinal = redbird
Junco = snowbird
Great Blue Heron = crane
Cuckoo = rain crow
Eastern Towhee = chewink (archaic)
shrike = butcher bird
Canada Jay = whisky jack
Any of 25 species of gulls = sea gull
Sanderling = whitey
Hudsonian Curlew = jack curlew
Green Heron = shite poke
Black-crowned Night Heron = quark
Any scoter = coot (east coast)
Kestrel = sparrow hawk
Merlin = pigeon hawk
Peregrine = duck hawk
N. Harrier = marsh hawk
Red-tailed Hawk = chicken hawk
Cooper's hawk = "the real chicken hawk"
Turkey Vulture = buzzard
Osprey = fish hawk
Any merganser = sheldrake
Greater Scaup = broad bill (east coast)
Any scaup = blue bill (interior)
Long-tiled duck = oldsquaw
C. Moorhen = florida gallinule
Anhinga - water turkey,  snake bird
Bufflehead = butterball
C. Goldeneye = whistler
Shoveler = spoonbill
C. Black Duck = black mallard
N. Pintail = sprig
N. Gannet = solon goose
Storm petrel = mother carey's chicken
Shearwater = swordfish gull (east coast)
Grebe = hell diver
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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