Gosh, Seb, I always thought Bell's says, "What the hell's the matter with you?"  Now, I just don't know!

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Jun 11, 2009, at 3:51 PM, Sebastian Patti wrote:

Well . . .  just in case this thread is discontinued . . . when I was living in Kansas City, I spent a lot of time with Mary Louise and Jim Meyers . . . they were caretakers at a Camp Fire Girls' camp in Johnson County (KS)  near Lake Quivira . . . Jim, was a little crusty around the edges, but had a heart of gold, and was an amazing birder;  so too was Mary Louise, and I learned to band birds with her as my teacher . . . I learned so much from them both as a young birder . . . anyway, they both birded mostly by SONG and SOUND, and were good at creating mnemonic devices to remember the identities of birds that they heared.   They would also share these li'l tidbits with others . . . the best, blue-ribbon, hands down winner of any rendition of ANY song of ANY bird that I have ever heard in my 50 <ahem> years on the planet was their version of the Bell's Vireo song . . . not only does it capture what the bird says, but it also reflects an attitude that seems to be pervasive in the genus Vireo . . . they just seem to be cranky all the time . . . any way . . .

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