After a night of not sleep I gave up and decided to head back to see if I could
see the Painted Bunting.  WOW...those were some really strong thunderstorms
I drove through and waited out for nearly 2 1/2 hours!  The wait was worth it
though.  Soon as the storms stopped the male Painted Bunting was VERY
active today.  He was all over the place, singing, hunting, etc...

A large House sparrow made the mistake of sitting RIGHT next to him and let
me tell you, the Painted Bunting nearly destroyed the sparrow!  At any rate,
took TON'S of images.  Only processed 3 thus far and created a slide show.
This outing was much better than my first.  These images are full frame or
very close to it.

Hope you enjoy them.

Jason G. Harrison
Troy, Mo

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