I was wondering if anyone on the list would be willing to share in a little bird fun with me.  I am sure you all have pet names for birds or names you make up on your own that aren't the "correct name."

You know, like say I see a female Eastern Towhee.  I might call to my husband, "I see a Milk Chocolate."  If I see a couple males, I might say, "I spy a few pieces of Dark Chocolate."

I like to call the Northern Flicker "the screamer."  White Throated Sparrows get all kinds of names out of me, but mostly "I'm seeing yellow spots before my eyes."

You get the idea, right?  I thought it would be fun to use the list to share or come up with some fun alternative names - just to be silly. Yeah, silly. Beside the obvious and important conservation reasons for birding, I mean, if you can't have fun birding, why bird?  And I believe folks burn out without fun.

I know we've got some people on this list who are extremely articulate, creative, sarcastic, clever and/or fun.  Anybody game? (No pun intended.)

Please do this on the list, if it's okay with the moderator.  Don't email me privately, or I will be the only one to enjoy the fun.   If you've done this before on the list, well, let's do it again.

Chris McClarren
St. Louis City

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