The Upland Sandpiper in Knox County that Patrick Harrison posted about  has
nested there for at least 20 years that we know about.  The field has been
kept in pasture for years--we worried that when the previous owner died and
left her farm to nephews that they would plow it up-- they did put cattle
in -- and the birds keep returning. Probly reminiscent for them of the
wintering grounds in Argentina.. Great opportunity for pictures because they
stand guard on posts right along the road.
Location:  MO DeLorme page 24.  North of Edina on Hiway 15 to  EE  that
leads north to K.  The birds are usually in the field closest to Route K.
They can sometimes be found along Route K leading into Baring.

And also: Bobolinks nest in a field south of Edina.  Also good photo op.
Location: MO DeLorme page 24.  South of Edina on hiway 15 to TT.   Turn east
and follow that road several miles (probly 5 miles) to a pasture--(both
sides of road)  The birds nest on the east side.  Best way to locate them is
to listen for their bubbling
song. Truly Awesome. And they will come to the posts or fence along the

Have not personally seen either site this year.  Can only hope the owners of
those pastures keep them intact.  Pretty rare when price of corn is so high.

Anne Downing
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Columbia formerly Knox County

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