I'll try to answer Peter's questions.  If anyone has more specific
knowledge, please make additions/corrections.

Looking at the Weldon Springs CA map (MDC website), it appears that
the parking lot along 94 is an MDC owned and maintained lot. The Katy
Trail, as are all Missouri parks and state historical sites, is
administered by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Generally, the Katy Trail boundaries follow the railroad right-of-
way.  Usually there are signs indicating "End of Public Use Area"
and blue "State Park" signs where the trail abuts private land,  and
yellow Missouri Department of Conservation signs at the juncture of
DNR/MDC lands.

Birders should use reason in recording birds that do not read signs.
If a bird is sitting in a tree along the trail, but outside the
"boundary" it is reasonable to count it if the habitat is contiguous
and consistent with habitat within the signed area.

The addition of the Katy Trail on the SPARKS site was delayed until a
method of making the data usable was devised.  That is, because the
trail is linear, an entry in St. Charles County (the Painted Bunting,
for instance, or even a regularly occurring species) would have
little relevance to someone wanting to know what is found in Henry
Co. (where Scissor-tailed Flycatchers might be expected).

The method of dividing the trail into segments based on the official
trailheads was chosen as the most workable solution to this for data
entry.  This way, someone wanting to know what to expect or to check
to see if a species has been found on a particular stretch of trail,
can look at the trailhead information for each entry.

One more thing:  Anyone can enter "historical" data into SPARKS and
CACHE.  That is, if you have a sightings list from a birding visit
along the Katy Trail, from Babler SP, etc., no matter how long ago,
you can enter the data and help construct a checklist for that place,
as long as you have the date and place of the visit.

Bodacious birding,

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Jun 13, 2009, at 11:35 PM, peter keyel wrote:

> What's the dividing line between Weldon Springs CA and Katy Trail
> SP? Is the parking lot area (not the boat ramp-- I assume that's
> Weldon Springs) part of the Katy Trail SP or Weldon Springs? I also
> noticed that there are no sightings recorded for the Weldon Springs
> trailhead. Isn't that the place where the painted bunting used to
> be? I seem to recall that the Katy Trail was added only recently to
> SPARKS, which is probably why there aren't any observations for
> that area, but I just want to make sure I'm putting my data in the
> right place. Do they go on SPARKS for the trailhead and along the
> trail, or they go under Weldon Springs?
> Peter Keyel
> St Louis, MO
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