Move over, Charlene.  It's my turn for the hot seat.

Golly, gee whiz, guys and gals. Gosh darn, I am so humiliated.  Dang
it, I just don't know if I can face any of you ever again.

Please accept my apologies as intended for hitting the "reply all"
button in my response to the judge's injudicious, but entertaining
and educating, post.

Doggone it, I guess we could pretend the Bell's Vireo says, "What the
heck's the matter with you?"  And then wink and snicker at one
another like real wanna-be grown-ups. [Tee-hee]

Shucks, and to think, I've been called a prude!

Alas, this is only June.  Just imagine what July will bring to the
bored birding community.  [insert insipid smiley face here]

Jimminy crickets, I'm just devastated.  Guess I'll have to go birding
to get over it.

Rocky Fork Lakes CA in Boone Co. was pretty birdy this morning. The
dag-blasted target shooters took a day off.

Edge (not so very red-faced) Wade
Columbia, MO
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