Gosh, Seb, I always thought Bell's says, "What the hell's the matter
with you?"  Now, I just don't know!

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Jun 11, 2009, at 3:51 PM, Sebastian Patti wrote:

> Well . . .  just in case this thread is discontinued . . . when I
> was living in Kansas City, I spent a lot of time with Mary Louise
> and Jim Meyers . . . they were caretakers at a Camp Fire Girls'
> camp in Johnson County (KS)  near Lake Quivira . . . Jim, was a
> little crusty around the edges, but had a heart of gold, and was an
> amazing birder;  so too was Mary Louise, and I learned to band
> birds with her as my teacher . . . I learned so much from them both
> as a young birder . . . anyway, they both birded mostly by SONG and
> SOUND, and were good at creating mnemonic devices to remember the
> identities of birds that they heared.   They would also share these
> li'l tidbits with others . . . the best, blue-ribbon, hands down
> winner of any rendition of ANY song of ANY bird that I have ever
> heard in my 50 <ahem> years on the planet was their version of the
> Bell's Vireo song . . . not only does it capture what the bird
> says, but it also reflects an attitude that seems to be pervasive
> in the genus Vireo . . . they just seem to be cranky all the
> time . . . any way . . .

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