Had a pretty good day for birding. I finally saw the adult SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER at Henke/N. I stayed in my car near the nest tree, but later he flew to the intersection, and let me get very close for some pictures.

Blue Grosbeak Trail had the usuals. The mosquitoes are gone there, which is nice. Did manage to glimpse one of the 4 heard BELL'S VIREOS. At the Katy trailhead there was an obliging NORTHERN PARULA and WHITE-EYED VIREO. At Lost Valley Trail, I got mobbed by mosquitoes, and missed on the CERULEAN WARBLER others had said was there this morning. I also realized that what I was certain was a wood thrush's song was in fact that of a hermit thrush. I did hear some actual WOOD THRUSHES today, but no hermit thrushes. Lots of YELLOW-BREASTED CHATS and RED-EYED VIREOS, and heard a couple of cuckoos. Babler SP gave me a SCARLET TANAGER and a fairly obliging YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO. I was too tired to do much more than drive around at Route 66 SP, but there was a nice colony of CLIFF SWALLOWS nesting on I-44 there.

All in all a good day.

Peter Keyel
St Louis, MO
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