I'm sorry, Kate, I hardly have a nodding acquaintance with your world -- so I took time to learn a little about Farrah at -- I read all the three articles that were there on her -- this one touched me to the core -- so I post the link here by way of my homage to "the brightest star or the purest angel". The List will kindly excuse me.
Remembering An Angel: Farrah Fawcett
Kate, my tribute is to the great singer and dancer, not to the man who led a deplorable life.

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CR-  If there is a heaven, then there is a new angel there, by the name of Farrah.  As for Michael, the life he led was deplorable.  That he was a great singer and dancer will not obtain for him entry into heaven.


as for you, perhaps, according to Matth. 5,3, you may have a chance: "Beati pauperes spiritu..."