After a brief but fruitful morning with the Mourning, Magnolia, Canada, and other warblers at TGP in St Louis City, I grabbed my cell phone at home and headed for Riverlands MBS in St Charles County arriving around noon, hoping for the Black-bellied Plovers and the gull..  Searched the meager number of Am W Pelicans without success, scanned the Terns, nothing new, and the Least Tern barge, no birds visible.  There was some kind of group with mostly Missouri plates leaving when I was on my way in, but noone stopped to chat.  I met Mark (?) Baum and his sweet and very large chocolate lab from Chicago and Galesberg IL who had driven down through heavy thunderstorms for the 2 subject birds.  We went over the gathering on the road to the dam/spillway together...still no luck.  He took off, probably for home and I stopped at the office to check with Denise (noone had reported seeing the birds today.
I crossed into Illinois to check the eagle nest (too many leaves to spot it from the pavilion/facilities parking lot) so I walked over to look at the water by the repair barges across from the locks.  A large pterodactyl swooped over my head and I watched the Brown Pelican diving and fishing for the next ten minutes.  Much closer view than Monday afternoon.
Regrets to Mr Baum that I hadn't thought of the east side before he left; and I had no phone number to reach him.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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