I birded Kennedy Woods in Forest Park from 7:30 to 9 a.m. Monday.
Immediately had a Cape May warbler when I got out of my car behind the Art Museum.
1. Cape May
2. Bay-breasted
3. Blackpoll
4. Tennessee
5. Nashville
6. Chestnut-sided
7. Magnolia
8. Northern parula
9. Ovenbird
10. Black-throated green
11. American redstart
1. White-eyed
2. Red-eyed
1. Swainson's
2. Wood thrush
1. Great-crested
2. Least
3. Eastern wood pewee
Baltimore oriole
ruby-throated hummingbird
blue-gray gnatcatcher
indigo bunting
gray catbird

Shawn Clubb
Collinsville, Madison Co., Ill.
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