Happy Mother's day!  Went to CC lake this morning to check out "moms to be" and found several neat finds.
Eastern Kingbird pair-choosing nesting material
Great Crested Flycatcher-Calling w/pine needles in its beak
Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher nest-found 3, proud moms sitting on nests and/or making finishing touches.
Robin-feeding young
Chickadee pair-I was 10 feet away from their stump.  I can only guess the male was reluctant to reveal the cavity.  I think the female said "we don't have time for this" and flew in.
Female Summer Tananger-Heard the male singing.  Saw her(FOY).
Moms were busy, ensuring another generation for all of us to see!!
Warblers of note:
Common Yellow throat(FOY)
Bay-breasted(Singing and had good views,FOY)
Yellow Rumped(several)
Blue Winged(song only)
Prothonotary(singing and had good views)
Bryan Prather
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St.Louis, County

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