Yesterday, I helped out with the annual Audubon Missouri BirdAThon, this year we focused all of our efforts in Boone County. 143 species total, 22 warbler species. Here are some of the highlights-

Swainson's Hawk- Eagle Bluffs CA vicinity. Nice looking adult foraging in field just after the turnoff from Rt. K.

Cerulean Warbler- Rock Bridge State Park, Devils Icebox trail, near parking lot

Blackburnian Warbler- Rock Bridge State Park, Devils Icebox trail, on the bluff over the "Rock Bridge".

Peregrine Falcon (with shorebird in talons)- Pool 14

Black-crowned Night Herons (6)- Flew in just before dark at Eagle Bluffs, don't know where they landed

Black Terns (2)- over the distribution channel, Eagle Bluffs

Caspian Terns (4)- flying over Pool 14/15, late in the day

Western Kingbird- Power substation, at the intersection of Old Millers Road and S. Rolling Hills (behind the KOMU TV tower, south of town)

Overall a pretty decent day, but no real fallouts of warblers/migrants- we had to work hard for what we got. Good numbers of shorebirds on the north end of Pool 14/15 at Eagle Bluffs, but they were hard to see in the grass. Big misses were Eastern Screech-Owl, Chimney Swift, and Yellow-billed Cuckoo, among others....

We'll see how things are for Migration Count tomorrow. Good birding.

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