I received this email today at school from my wife and 12 year old daughter Rose.  Made my day!!  Rose has really been getting interested in birds this year as she has went on some of my school birding trips beside our family outings.

Terry L. Miller
Kearney HS
Clay Co., MO
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We have a lifer for Rose & me on the dead Mimosa tree.   It is a BLUE GROSBEAK!  I positively identified the brown markings on the wings and the larger beak on this bird.  It also  seems to be a bit darker blue than the indigo bunting which only has the black wings with no brown at all.  Also, we have had the Baltimore oriole male and female at the feeder this morning eating the grape jelly!  We put out a jelly lid full of jelly also.  It has been a very colorful morning!


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