Dear MoBirders,

While I was Finishing up my Portion of the Migratory Bird Count today, I came 
across (2) WESTERN KINGBIRDS in North Columbia!!! They were in front of a 
Power "Substation" (I'm not sure if this is Really what it is - it just has Huge 
Transformers, Wires and other Doodaddies!!!), just off Route B on North Brown 
Station Road - this is a Left (West) Turn if you are Heading out of town 
towards Hallsville - if you Turn Right, you will be heading towards the Turn-off 
to the Dump... 

I watched one of them on a Power Line first and then when he flew across the 
street to a sign, the second one took his place on the Power Line, they 
eventually joined up in front of the "Substation"... Who knows, maybe they're 
Nesting there...!!!

I Hope that those of you who did the Migratory Bird Count Saw Lots of 
Goodies Today!!! I know that I did and had a Great Time to Boot!!! Please 
Take Care and the Very Best of Birding to You All!!!

Jonathan B. Pons
Boonville, Cooper County

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