On my 3rd visit to the site this afternoon, I finally got to see the STFC.  A life 
bird for me.  I had been there for about 1 hour when I looked behind me (I 
was at the old nest tree) and saw a bird sitting on the powerlines behind the 
intersection.  I quickly glassed it and there it was.  I quickly turned around as 
it was a long distance away.  With all the busy traffic, by the time I got to 
the spot, it was gone.  I had to drive way past the area to turn around 
again.   Upon returning I pulled off the road and began to look around. I was about to leave, 20  yards in front of my truck, on the 
ground was the STFC!  

It did not sit long, and flew off over that field.  This field is on the WEST side 
of Henke rd.  If your on N, at the traffic light intersection with Henke Rd, this 
field is directly on your left.  It fed over that field for a while and then crossed 
over Henke and fed in the field with the Nest tree and the powerlines that go 
behind the Condos.

It briefly visited the old nest tree site.  I glassed it and it sure paid particular 
attention to one clump in the tree.  It huddled down some and I think it was 
checking out a potential nest.  Not sure, but it sure acted like it.

It moved on again after a minute or two and actively hunted the field between 
the old tree and Feise Rd.  I got lucky in that it hunted close to me and 
landed where I could get some images.  I will post those later.

Jason G. Harrison
Troy, Mo

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