Please note the appearance of mudflats and with front may have shorebirds 
dropping in.
This evening might be interesting.

Charlene Malone
St.Louis co.


Josh Uffman wrote 5/13/09:

The good news is that there are now mudflats showing in Ellis Bay and the 
road down to the dam parking lot is now open.  Bad news, I again failed to 
locate the BROWN PELICAN or LITTLE GULL.  However, did have the following:

Ellis Bay across from Wise Road:
14 Forster's Terns

Ellis Bay across from Heron Pond:
2 Black-bellied Plovers (full alternate plumage)
1 American Golden Plover (full alternate plumage)
6 Least Sandpipers
1 Greater Yellowlegs

Ellis Bay by Observation Tower:
10 Cattle Egrets

Dam Parking Lot:
4 Cattle Egrets
1 blue phase Snow Goose

Certainly seems as if it is going to be a day A LOT will drop in.


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