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Eastern Phoebe
Black and White Warbler - Female (the one I mentioned earlier was the male)

I went out for a little more owlette patrol this evening with my hubby, Andy - and a friend Wade joined in - and we saw many of the same birds I'd seen earlier,  but those two were additions.

It was fun identifying the Black and White female with Wade.  We bothed pulled our books out at the same time to make sure.  And it was her.  

He also helped me identify the Phoebe.  Just a day earlier some folks had been telling me about the Phoebe and that they were surprised I hadn't seen one.  They said it looked like a flycatcher (without the crest) and has a distinctive tail wag (I like saying wag or fan, instead of flick) - and it sure does!  I saw my first today!

It was wagging that tail at me today and driving me crazy cause I couldn't remember it's name from the description yesterday.  Wade came along tonight and put my mind to rest after a few seconds of my description.  "Phoebe," he said and I let out a "Yeah, that's it!" and a big sigh.  

As far as Great Horned Owlette patrol went, we didn't seen the newly released owlette ("we fondly call April Fool"), but I did find the dad.  He flew off and we followed him quite a ways, but I got the feeling it was a decoy.  We headed back and, sure enough, found April Fool's sibling.  We might have seen the Ma, too but it was getting too dark to tell.  

We'll try a few more nights to put our minds at rest that the "April Fool's" okay.

Chris McClarren
St. Louis MO (South City)
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> I was out checking on the newly released owlette in Tower Grove Park  - which I could not find for the life of me - and saw a few other beauties between Noon and 3PM:
> Highlight of the day - 
> Bay Breasted Warbler!  My first!  What a handsome, handsome guy! Thrilling...  
> American Redstart
> Tennessee Warbler
> Magnolia Warbler
> Chestnut-Sided Warbler
> Blackpoll Warbler
> Common Yellowthroat
> Red-Headed Woodpecker
> Brown Thrasher (only 1)
> Oven Bird
> Catbird
> Flicker
> Swainson's Thrush- sunbathing on the mulch path)
> Veery 
> Great Crested Flycatcher (I love watching him...and he's so so loud!)
> Pewee
> Rose-breasted Grosbeak - male and female
> Indigo Bunting
> Red-Bellied Sapsucker
> Tufted Titmouse - pair
> Oriole - female (still don't know if it was the Baltimore or Orchard - sorry)
> Jackson MO folks
> For some reason, folks from Jackson, MO come to Tower Grove to bird.  I have met over four people (on separate occasions) and they are all such friendly folk.  I mean extra special nice.  They take their time and chat - and I love the little twang of the south in their voices.  
> Well, today I met another wonderful Jackson man named Dennis Wheeler who had a gadget called a Birdjam. (He was killing some time birding while his wife was having health tests run.) I've love to have that gadget.   How fun.  I want to learn songs!  He was just as excited to see the Bay-breasted as I was - and he's been birding for years.  I was spotting so many birds, he didn't want to leave.  What a lovely time.
> He also had a small Sibley Fieldl guide I didn't know existed.  I have been carrying around that dang large one in my backpack like a fool.  Gotta get that little one and stop breaking my back.
> I asked him to call in a Blackburnian for me with his Birdjam but no luck.  I swear it was his Birdjam that brought the Bay-breasted.  I still want to see the Blackburnian this year - and a Prothonotary and a Cape May.  
> I know no one is going to believe this of a new birder but I went down to the Cyrpress Circle in Tower Grove for a second and I think I saw the:
> Loggerhead Shrike - a pair
> Is that possible?  I was by myself and have never seen them before.  I looked all over the internet and saw images of the Shrike and that's exactly what these birds looked like - black short stubby beaks, white bellies, bluish feathers, etc.  They were often hangin upside down in a short Cypress tree.  If still in doubt, I have new pair of binoculars these days - got a Nikon Monarch from my hubby for Mother's Day.
> I'd love to be with the group going to Tower Grove tomorrow but getting up that early is for the birds...just kidding.  I really do have a hard time with my night schedule getting up at that time.  Have fun everybody!
> Can you believe all these birdies were out 'tween noon and 3PM?  
> Chris McClarren
> St. Louis MO - south city
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