Owlette release is a happenin! ONLY ONE  IMPORTANT CHANGE - THE LOCATION to meet for the release is now the entrance to Gaddy Garden.  It's still at 7PM tonight.

From there, we will walk over to where the owl family has been seen most this past week - a little east of there.

Don't worry if some folks don't get the message about the change of where we are meeting.  We'll have someone posted at the nesting tree to direct them to the Gaddy area

Join in welcoming this little guy back to the wild...if you could call Tower Grove wild....Come and send him off with good wishes for a happy return to his family and making it through his juvenile period (ha - don't we all need good wishes for making it through that period) - and then a long and happy Great Horned life.

Chris McClarren
St. Louis MO
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