PS to the previous ---

I've posted the STFC photos from last Tuesday (5-5-09)
along with the revised Google Earth map with the Nesting Tree
and other landmarks labeled -- plus, a couple of photos of
this morning's Baltimore Orioles and an "Orange Variant"
House Finch --- all at;

The STFC is in the Gallery "Documentation"
and the Balt. Oriole and HF is in the
"New Pictures" file.

I've also uploaded higher resolution photos of the
Great Blue Heron "In-Flight" from Busch WCA, since
the last time I posted about all of this.

You might notice that the poor guy has some monofilament
fishing line and split shot sinkers tangled up in one of his

Those are in "The BIG Picture(s)" gallery. 

That's another thing -- on my drives from Troy to Brentwood
5 - 6 times/week, I've also seen an unusual number of
Great Blue Herons flying around. There is usually one
seen either flying, or in the wet field on the south side
of 40, just east of Long Rd. I've also seen a couple
on a regular basis, flying over Highway 61 right around
the St. Charles/Lincoln County line.

There has been a Great Egret and a Little Blue Heron
spending time in the Lake St. Louis "Backwater", also
on the south side of 40, just as you go over the bridge
at Lake St. Louis -- where the construction is going on.

These two birds are usually not in what could be termed
the "main channel" but they can be seen back in the area
west of that.

Here's hoping tomorrow is as beautiful a day as

John Hitzeman
Troy, MO 
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