Bobolinks were still on the fence on Loy Martin Road just outside of Ashland this afternoon, 7 of them on the fence on the north side of the road this afternoon about 4.
About 5 we had one fly across our yard (about 2 miles east of the location on Loy Martin)!
We have an unusual visitor to our yard this year, one of the mockingbirds is very dark, looks black but has all the usual white markings. I was trying to figure out this strange bird until I saw it with a "normal" mockingbird. It hasn't been seen all the time but my husband also saw it and commented on the black mockingbird.
 While the nectar feeders are almost untouched, hummingbirds seem to prefer the wisteria, and orioles everything else. The suet feeders have been very busy - besides the usuals, the orioles, mockingbirds and brown thrasher have been taking their turns.
  The grape jelly has been enjoyed by both baltimore and orchard orioles, mockingbirds, and gray catbirds as well as the oranges. Of course the blue jays will eat anything!
Been hard to leave home with over 35 species seen or heard in the past week!
Good birding this weekend!
Laurie Shawver
Southern Boone County
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