Two adult Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were feeding less than a quarter of a mile inside the East gate of the refuge. They were in their favorite place - the open, grassy ditch on the North side of the road. Pretty easy to photograph from the vehicle there as one man was doing today when I was there. This was about 11:45 a.m. Neat that they come back to the same place every Spring!
  Not much else on the refuge - almost all the mudflats from last week are covered with water/vegetation. Saw at least a dozen Spotted Sandpipers along the edge of Silver Lake. Found a few Soras and Marsh Wrens, and a few Pelicans still around. One male Yellow-headed Blackbird was "singing" from a Buttonbush amongst singing Catbirds and Red-winged Blackbirds - What a Racket!!  Waaay to much water over most of the area. Enjoyed watching a Mink scurry across the road.
Several Cattle Egrets were in a pasture with the Cows along hwy 139 a few miles West of Sumner.
  I had gone through Pershing State Park, Linn Co. on the way down. The Boardwalk was closed again due to high water there - again. Looked like it will be open soon though if no more rain. Heard many Wood Thrush, Tennessee Warblers, Yellow-throated Vireos, and Ovenbirds in the Park. Got a good look at male Scarlet Tanager and couple of Pileated Woodpeckers.
   Heard Common Nighthawk overhead as I stepped out backdoor a little while ago. Yea! - they're baaack!!
 Good to see old friends and meet some new people last wknd at ASM in Columbia! Good Job!
Later, Steve Kinder
 Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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