Last night amidst heavy rainfall and the breaking storm to calm cloudy evening, I tried to relocate the Ruff - no good.
The heavy rains have added water to once drained pools which could possibly bring about a second round of excellent shorebird opportunities.
Seen in flight was an Osprey that circled over Cypress Lake. I also observed a White Ibis in company with about 30 Cattle Egrets and later a lone Glossy Ibis just before leaving the Slough.
After the rains stopped and I could hear farther than 6 feet away, I was looking over pool 26 when overheadwere 5 blackbirds that sang the Bobolinks song. A quick look up through the bins and there were ther familiar markings of yellow back of head and white on the back/rump. This was a new MO species for me! Wohoo!
In just under 2 hours time, 76 species were observed with no woodland or grassland habitat covered.
On the home front: no Wheat was planted across the road from the house; so I probably won't be hearing from any Black Rails this year, but I do intend on sleeping with the windows open (weather permitting), keeping one ear open for rails.
Good Soggy Birding!

Chris Barrigar
Bloomfield, MO
Stoddard Co.
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