A wonderful weekend!   Great field trips, great food and great company!   Thank you Columbia for all the hard work to make it a super weekend. The only gr-r-r-r note?  I was one of those who went Sat. to Steak and Shake in Jefferson City and didn't get the Painted Bunting.    At 11:30 this morning, 5/3/09, on the way home, I drove by Steak and Shake......started to stop and look again for the Bunting, but there was some traffic, excuse, excuse, and I didn't stop!  Now the posting of "had great looks as it sat on the dumpster behind.....".....like I said, GR-R-R!!!!
When I do get to see one, I'll do a Prairie Chicken dance....now that I know what the dance looks like.......Thanks, Susan, for the demo.....
A Wethington
Lawrence Co.
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