Interesting day in backyard trimming bushes.  I've already posted good finds, then later while Jackie Chain was here helping with my chores, I spotted a catbird in the pine tree, a new yardbird.  Jackie and I then went to Blackburn Park in Webster Groves, MO.  Very little bird song and few birds sighted. We did see an ovenbird (very cute), and Jackie heard what may have been a Nashville warbler. If the recent influx of warblers have passed through, then maybe another is coming behind them. 
    The yard birds seemed to  nibble around my cutting back "their shrubs".  Found no nests.  However, later after some sprinkles sent us inside, we saw a Cardinal pair exploring a large pile of branches from the trimming.  Maybe I will  leave some of that around to see what develops. 
  Jane Allen
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  St. Louis County 
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