I took a break from my trial preparation and went to Steak and Shake on Missouri Blvd. The painted bunting was there, singing away as large as life in the tree behind the dumpster as I pulled into the parking. Not a very elegant location for such an elegant bird. Unfortunately, as soon as I got my camera out the bird flew away over the top of the restaurant. I managed to locate it again, singing away at the top of its voice on the telephone wire along Missouri Blvd. [For those of you who do not know Jefferson City, the Blvd is a major, five lane street of strip malls and restaurants. I had always imagined I would get to see my first painted bunting in a pristine nature area surrounded by beautiful plants].  I managed to get a few bad photos as I dodged the traffic. The bird then flew behind the Staples store, singing from bush to bush - then in a ravine between Staples and Highway 50 where I finally lost sight of it.
Seems like the bird is setting up a territory in that general neighborhood.
It is a life bird for me. I was feeling sorry for myself because I had to work today - but now I feel a lot better.
Mark Gutchen
Columbia, MO
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Jean Leonatti phoned to report that on her way from Columbia to a meeting in Jefferson City she stopped and looked around in Cedar City, southern Callaway County, this morning. She relocated the two Scissor-tailed Flycatchers at the intersection of Cedar City Drive and 4th Street. A bit further north on 4th Street, near the picnic pavilion, she found a Western Kingbird.


The male Painted Bunting sang for at least a steady fifteen minutes behind the Taco Bell on the western end of Missouri Blvd, Jefferson City, Cole County. Viewing is great even though the Painted Bunting is perched in the second line of trees  because the trees are more of a shrub/scrub height and they are down slope from the Taco Bellís rear parking lot.


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