Dear MoBirders,

As Reported Earlier by Liza Loughridge, we weren't able to Locate the CLAY-
COLORED SPARROWS, but we did Find a Male HARRIS'S SPARROW in All of his 
Lovely Splendour as well as a LINCOLN'S SPARROW!!! I think I'm going to try 
to go back there today to see if I can get some Photos of them, and maybe 
Find the Clay-colored's now that I know where to Look... Thanks for the 
Posting and Have a Great Birding Day, Most Especially you Early ASMers!!!
Please Take Care.

Jonathan B. Pons
Boonville, Cooper County

On Fri, 1 May 2009 07:02:51 -0500, Susan Hazelwood 
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>I went by the US Fish and Wildlife offices at 101 Park de Ville, Suite A,
>Columbia yesterday evening. I found Lark Sparrow, Chipping Sparrows,
>White-throated Sparrows, White-crowned Sparrows and three Clay-colored
>Sparrows. The Clay-colored Sparrows were feeding in the grass & dandelions
>on the south side of the building rather than on the seed left in the
>parking lot on the west end of the building.
>I missed seeing the reported Lincoln's Sparrows. Still what a sparrow haven!
>Susan Hazelwood
>Columbia, Boone County, MO
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