Saturday 5/2/09 at Tyson Research Center (St. Louis Co.) was very quiet compared to earlier days in terms of migrant activity.  Only noteworthy migrant was an Orange-crowned Warbler.

Busch Wildlife Area 5/3/09 also had somewhat low migrant numbers but lots of great local breeding birds:
Hooded Warbler, 1 (past Lake 7, as reported by Jack Cowan)
Golden-winged Warbler, 2 along the Hooded Warbler trail
Orange-crowned Warbler, 1 on same trail
Northern Waterthrush, heard about 6 -- the numbers of NOWAs at Busch in spring is always amazing
Henslow's Sparrow, 2

Weldon Springs (Blue Grosbeak Trail):
Bell's Vireo, 1
Palm Warbler, 1
Blue Grosbeak, 2 (male and female)
Grasshopper Sparrow, 2
Lincoln's Sparrow, 1
White-crowned Sparrow, ~15

Lewis & Clark Trail:
Black-throated Green Warbler, 2

Nick Barber
University of Missouri-St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
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