The breeders come in first, so we would expect Acadian to be on territory 
and singing (if you can call it that) by now. We were at one location at 
Platte Falls CA, where we normally might hear Acadian, but did not hear it.

Normally, by May 6, Wood Pewee should also be in, and Least should be going 
through. We were at several locations yesterday where we would ordinarily 
expect Wood Pewee and Least without seeing or hearing even one. That, the 
presence of Myrtle Warblers (including lots of males) every where we went 
and the sparse representation of migrant warblers made it seem like late 
April, as did the presence of 20 species of shore birds and lots of ducks.

I think of Olive-sided, Willow and Alder Flycatchers as relatively late 
migrants, so it was not a surprise to miss them.

BTW, we did have a Clay-colored Sparrow at SCNWR that I forgot to mention.

Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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